Laser Electrical North Sydney can be your one point of contact for all your electrical needs. We provide professional, clean and reliable electrical services that will enable you to: save time, save money, make your job easier and make you look good.

We offer our Laser Gold property management services for property, building or strata managers who are looking for a long term partnership.

Through our Laser Gold program, you will get:


Better than Money Back Guarantee

We provide the Laser Gold Property Manager Guarantee. If you receive an invoice from us and you are not happy with the price, if you think we have gone over on scope or not delivered value to you then you adjust the price to what you think it should be and we will honour that decision.

All we ask is that you tell us why so that we can improve our services. Yes, that is not a typo. If you are not happy, you set the price and we honour your decision. Let's face it, if we can't deliver value for you on an ongoing basis then we don't deserve your business. In business speak it's called a "Catalytic Mechanism". It's designed to ensure we have a financial incentive to do what we say we will. It's another way to protect you, our client.


Instant Job Feedback

As soon as a job is complete on site, the technician will take photos or get signatures where required and email you the job card and invoice immediately. You know the very minute when your job is completed and you have the photos on file to verify the work. No more chasing tradesman for paper work or invoices coming in months after the job was done.


National Footprint

With over 200 Laser Electrical and Plumbing businesses across Australia and New Zealand, we have the personal local service with the national footprint and support.


Rock-Solid 8 Point Guarantee

We get it right the first time and come back at our expense in the unlikely event there's a need for additional work. Read more.


Total Reliability through a Preventive Maintenance Approach

So you never have to worry about electrical issues. Your electrical systems work at full efficiency at all times


Fully-Qualified Expert Technicians

who are fully licensed. We back them with a $20 million liability policy.


Focus on Safety and Compliance

We're a Master Electrician accredited contractor. We complete an audit on our 'Safety Connect Certification' every 60 days.


Clear Communication

So you fully understand all aspects of every job we complete. And we invite questions and enquiries.

Why Choose Us?

We've worked with many local organisations and businesses. Here are a selection of our valued clients:

As one of Sydney's top electrical contractors, here's our approach to electrical work:

  • Safety comes first and all our electrical technicians receive regular training and hold all the relevant licenses.
  • We have a total commitment to using the highest quality materials and using the best practices for 'set and forget' operation for years down the road.
  • We pay close attention to cleaning up, returning keys and communicating with you so that you can rest easy.
  • We give close attention to detail. You will not see our cabling, but look behind walls, ceilings, and floors and you'll see it's a work of art. Just one loose cable can cause a massive problem so we pay close attention to getting the cabling right the first time.

We don't want to ever disappoint our clients, which mean we never take on more property portfolios than we can deal with. We have a national footprint and we have over 20 service vehicles available in the Sydney metro area but we don't take on more than we can chew. We limit our regular service clients to a level that we can support and still deliver outstanding service.

Our goal is to ensure you never have to worry about your electrical and communications work. In the extremely unlikely event we have to fix any part of an electrical installation, we return at our expense. It's our commitment as Sydney's leading commercial electrical contractors to provide the highest level of service and expertise to our customers. We back this with our Rock-Solid 8 Point Guarantee.

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